NetDec Stadium, Wincham – Ground 8

Northwich Victoria 2-4 Cheadle Town, NetDec Stadium, (20/08/2016) 


Competition: FA Cup Preliminary Round

Admission Price: £9

Programme & Team Sheet: £2

Attendance: 101 

The Ground:

A few weeks ago I’d made the trip to the same ground to watch Witton Albion in pre season action, but my second visit to the NetDec was to see Northwich Victoria. I was left with little choice on Saturday afternoon as I had to keep it local, and I wanted to make sure that I was able to take in an FA Cup tie.

This is the second season that Northwich find themselves renting Wincham Park from their fierce rivals Witton Albion. I won’t go into how or why the Vics find themselves in this position (I’d be here all night), but in short it is travesty to see a non league giant in this predicament.

The ground is a short ten minute drive from my house and I was able to make my way in good time and was able to park up directly outside the entrance.

Wincham Park is an impressive stadium for football at this level, the facilities are second to none and as I discussed in my last visit the ground could easily accommodate higher level football.

My main issue with Northwich as a club today is that they are playing in a ground that is far too big to accommodate the number of fans they get in through the gates. As a result there is virtually no atmosphere.

As the game went on I took up a seat in the main stand amongst the travelling Cheadle fans so I could at least sample some atmosphere. Attempts have been made to try and increase the gate numbers I honestly don’t know what their best option is. On the face of it, it doesn’t look as if the locals are ever going to return in their numbers, just like the old days.

I’m a football romantic I genuinely hope that the relationship between the club and the people of Northwich can be fixed somehow, for now at least it’s great to see them back playing in the area.

The Game: 

Last season saw Northwich Victoria fall just short of reaching the third round of the FA Cup with a late defeat away at Northampton. During their cup run the Vics won more cup ties than any other team in the competition (apart from eventual winners Manchester United).

Their first cup game of the 2016/17 season saw them take on Cheadle Town in what was the first cup meeting between the two teams. Despite a slow start to their league campaign, sitting two leagues higher in the non league pyramid, Northwich entered the game as strong favourites. They started strongly with Daniel Cockerline heading home from a fine cross from captain Alex Byrne.


The equaliser for Cheadle came against the run of play with Liam Tounge playing the impressive Sam Noar who finished emphatically past Mason Springthorpe. The goal changed the game totally as Northwich continually made basic errors, which allowed their visitors to grow in confidence.

Cheadle took the lead before the break with Michael Sherrington forcing his way trhough the Vics defence to give his side a deserved lead.

The second half saw Northwich control the game with long periods of possession but each move broke down at crucial points. In turn Cheadle were more than happy to soak up pressure and were a constant threat on the counter, Sherrington was able to get his second and his teams third of the game on the hour, after great work from his brother Chris. z

Northwich continued to throw everything at their hosts but Cheadle remained strong and their front line offered the perfect outlet to relieve pressure.

The final nail in the coffin for the Vics came from substitute Thabiso Magida as he finished smartly, the goal sparked wild celebrations from the visitors as they realised they’d achieved a genuine giant killing.


Northwich did get a late consolation penalty but in truth the scoreline didn’t matter, Cheadle were outstanding on the day and this will go down as one of their greatest cup victories.

Their reward is a trip to Trafford in the first qualifying round of the FA Cup as they go in search of another giant killing on the road.

Match Rating: 7/10, a good cup tie always nice to see the underdog come out on top.

Man of the Match: Michael Sherrington, brilliant performance linked up perfectly with the midfield and tormented the Northwich backline throughout the contest.



  1. The main reason they have no fans is that the intelligent ones discovered how they were/are run, divorced themselves and started 1874 Northwich. I suspect you know that anyway as you only live 10 mins from WP but omitted to mention it in your report, why?


    • To be honest Alan I don’t want to get into the politics but again being honest all i could hear early doors was Their fans banging on about 1874. I certainly won’t be visiting them again, it was a trip more out of curiously than anything. I’ve only heard and keep hearing positive news I will certainly back you guys now


    • I honestly don’t know the history and didn’t and don’t want to get into it. I’d hardly say my write up is complimentary as I said in response to Alan it was a trip out of curiosity more than anything and my hands were tied with time and I wanted to take in a cup game on Saturday. I’ve since read up about the issues surrounding the club and totally get it I won’t ever visit the club again but I will visit 1874


  2. Vics’ is now being run by a committee of its LOYAL supporters, there is not many of us left and we will be working hard over the next few weeks and months to attract new supporters, things are going to be difficult but we are giving it ago. at least we want to try and keep the club going rather than wanting it’s death and destruction which is what 1874 supporters want, after-all Vics’ is 142 years old and one of the oldest football clubs in the country and world.

    Everything from the Turnstiles, Catering, Board Room, the Clubs Bank Account, treasury roles. Website is all being done by Vics’ supporters. We have reduced the wage bill dramatically, and people are working hard behind the scenes to just keep the club going. None of the people now running Vics’ have done anything wrong. If you don’t want to come due to what you have read about Mr Rushe thats fair enough, but as I say Vics’ is now being run by supporters whom have done nothing wrong, we are all new into running a football club we may not survive long with the size of our fan base but at least we are giving it a try

    Thank you for coming to the match

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  3. Colin what you need to do is step back and have a good hard look at your club and yourself and the reasons why 99% of the fans from Northwich want rid. They have become a pariah, an embarrassing pitiful shell of the club I used to love. Your supported the convicted criminal and still do. No one believes anything you say anymore.


  4. Niall, thank you for the response. We have an FA CUP replay tomorrow night if you’re interested, against Colne and you will be more than welcome. Thanks again,

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  5. Jim Rushe is no longer running the Football Club tho, Nor Mike Connett or Mystery Backers, It’s being run now by its loyal supporters of whom love the club, Can’t change what’s happened in the past tho, so its going to take a lot of work and none of the people whom are running the club are convicted criminals.

    Why would it be embarrassing for the town of Northwich to have a team which is being run by supporters and of which a community can get involved with, have a say in the running of the club and be open and transparent and try to live within its means.

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  6. It wouldn’t. In fact it isn’t. We know because we’re doing it. And not just “running” but also “owning”. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but you’ve come to the party too late I’m afraid. That ship (or barge) has sailed.


  7. Let’s face it the only option for non league round here is Altrincham, a superior club all round with better fans and nicer people.


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